How do I get started?

Use the "Sign up" option. It should take less than a minute to enter the information we need to setup your account.

To ensure that we have your correct email address, an activation link will be emailed to you. You must use the link within two days otherwise you will need to start again.

Are event emails guaranteed to be delivered?

We guarantee to send your event emails out when they become due. But delivery of emails is never guaranteed.

We have gone to great lengths to verify that our emails are correctly delivered, and we have tested the system using as many email systems as we can. However, you must be aware that spam filtering is a huge problem and the rules of the game must necessarily change constantly.

To be sure that your instructions are delivered, use multiple email addresses for your recipients where possible. You can also use the "Send email" button on the Contacts page to check that emails from Vox Mortuis are correctly delivered.

How many people can I notify?

With a completely free account you can setup up to 3 events.

Each event can have up to 10 email addresses, so for free you can pass instructions to up to 30 people. 

If you want to build a more complex scheme you can get more events for a one-time fee of just £1 each.

How secure is Vox Mortuis?

It is much more secure than it needs to be, because the information that you store here should be of no value to anyone except its intended recipients. Our system does not hold your physical address, so even if your VoxMortuis account was compromised, the information obtained would be meaningless. One of the best ways to use this service is to pass on the names and passwords of documents that are held on your own computer, which only your friends and family know how to locate.

You should never store all of the information required to access a bank account in any single place or system, no matter how secure. If you need to pass on account access information you must devise a scheme that requires the personal knowledge of your loved ones and/or physical access to your home, in addition to the information stored here.

But to answer the original question, this site and our database are as secure as modern encryption technology can make them. As an https site, all data transmitted to and from the site is encrypted from end to end. All personal data stored in our database is also encrypted. It really would be very difficult for anyone to steal data from this site and there is no reason for anyone to do so because it would be meaningless to them anyway.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can use the Account Recovery page to get back into your account. You will need to have access to your email account and you will need to know the answer to your security question.

Please make sure that you do not forget your security answer as you will also need it if your account becomes locked by excessive login attempts.

Remember that your account could become locked through no fault of your own, by an attempt to hack into your account. Account locking is for your own protection.

What if someone gets hold of my Checkin link?

A checkin link merely lets the system know that you are OK. Anyone who checks in for you cannot access your contacts or your event emails.

If you believe that your checkin link has been compromised in some way, then you can always change it. Simply sign in to Vox Mortuis, go to "Change checkin link", and request a new one.

Who needs Vox Mortuis

Vox Mortuis is a tool for organising your affairs. Perfect, for example, for anyone with assets that are controlled online, which need to be kept securely under your control while you are alive, but which must ultimately be passed on in a responsible and organised way. We have made it as flexible as possible, so that you can organise matters in the right way for you, your circumstances, and your heirs. Obviously, the wording of some of your emails, or "events" as we call them, is a delicate and deeply personal matter. We deliberately offer no advice on these matters. We simply provide the means to deliver those messages when you cannot.

Vox Mortuis is not a substitute for a legal will; it is an enhancement to the responsible organisation of your affairs.

Why do you ask for a second email address?

The secondary email address is optional but if you have one, we recommend you enter it.

Why? Well, we hope it never happens to you, but let's say that an intruder gains access to your main email account and changes your password so that you no longer have access to it. Now let's suppose that among your emails the intruder finds a reference to Vox Mortuis, and tries to log in to your Vox Mortuis account. After four guesses at your password the account will be locked, so now neither they, nor you, can gain access to it. Your information is safe, but how do you get back in?

This is where the secondary email address comes in. On the Account Recovery page you can elect to carry out the account recovery process using your secondary email address. Once back in to your account you can then change your primary email address and all will be well again.